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What is your favourite snack?

My favourite snack would have to be baozi, I think in English you would call them steamed buns or dumplings. They're delicious and best of all they're cheap!They are served all over the place so you can pick a bag up on-the-go and you can get all sorts of different fillings. My personal favourite is pork with white cabbage.


What kind of snack is popular in your country?

China has a wide range of snacks, some savoury and some sweet. I think they are very specific to our country and sometimes to the local region you are in. In Beijing the pastries from Daoxiangcun are very popular. They are eaten by locals, but are also bought as souvenirs by visitors.


When do you usually have snacks?

I tend to eat 3 main meals a day, but I also like to graze on snacks in between meals. I've gotten into the habit of having elevenses, which I picked up from a foreigner I used to work with. It usually involves a cup of tea or coffee, with a cake or some biscuits at around eleven AM.


What are the benefits of having a snack?

I find that snacks perform different roles depending on when I have them. A mid-morning snack is an excuse for a little break and can be a bit of a pick me up if I'm feeling sleepy. A snack in the afternoon keeps my hunger at bay and helps tide me over till dinner.


Who prefer snacks, men or women/ the young or the old?

I think women wouldn't like to admit it, but they probably snack more than men. It isn't necessarily always snacks that are bad for you, I think they also eat more fruit between meals.As for the young or old, I think young people must snack more, partly because there are more snacks aimed at young people, but also because I think young people eat more than old people in general.



Describe a popular meal from your country that you like to eat.

what the food is

what it is made of

why you like it

and explain why it is your favorite food


There are a lot of foods I like. It is quite difficult to think of one. So, let me talk about a popular menu in my country which is one of my favoritefoods also. It is steamed/plain rice and chicken adobo. Adobo is the local name. Adobo can bebeef, pork, chicken, fish or even vegetablesbut I like the chicken adobo particularly.

I will talk about how I cook my very own chicken adobo. A small amount of oil is placed in a heated pan. Then, sauté 【fried quickly in a little hot fat】 garlic until it turns golden brown. Add in onions. Add the chicken and sauté until it turns a little brown. Pour in about 2 cups of water andlet it boil. After about 30 minutes, add about 2 spoonful of sugar, whole peppercorns and let it simmer. Then add about one fourth cup of so sauce and let it boil for about 5 minutes. Then it is done and ready to be served. You may also add some vegetables like potatoes or fruits like banana or pineapple.

I like it because it is easy to prepare and it is verydelicious. I am not quite sure about itsnutritional benefits but I am sure that we can get some nutrients in it too, especially if vegetables are added.

This recipe is common in my country and I eat it about three to four times a week. I like it because it does not require much effort to prepare and it is also not expensive.


1. When do you usually have meals?

Well, like most people, I have meals three times a day, with the first one in the morning, around 8 o’clock, the following one at noon, about 12 o’clock, and the last one in the late afternoon, around 17 o’clock.

2. What is your favorite cuisine?

I am a big fan of hot pot, especially this very type called Chongqing hot pot, to which Sichuan pepper, also known as ‘prickly ash’, is added. A Chongqing hotpot is markedly different from the types eaten in other parts of China. Quite often the differences lie in the meats used, the type of soup base, and the sauces and condiments used to flavor the meat. It is quite spicy though, something much to my pleasure.

3. Do you prefer to dine in or dine out?

Well honestly, I’d usually prefer to dine in, spending some precious time with my beloved family members. I love listening to my father giving comments on all kinds of stuff over lunch time, with my mom sitting right next to him, nodding gently as he goes on with his long speech. I’d say this is just something touching to look at.





I would like to try the Salmon fish with onion and olive oil which is a foreign menu for the people of our country. In our country we do not have the Salmon fish and the finest quality olive oil is imported from Italy. The exotic menu I have mentioned is available only in a five-star hotel in our country. If I get the opportunity someday, I will try this food item.

I learned about this item from a lifestyle & travel related TV channel a few years ago. I was randomly checking the programs of different channels and I noticed this TV channel. The cook described in details how to prepare this food item, what ingredients would be required, how to make it tastier and I watched it all with utmost interest and attention.A few years later I found this menu in a billboard beside a big hotel in our city and at that time I planned to have it. Since it is a foreign food item and available only in this luxurious and expensive hotel, it would be quite expensive for me.

After watching the TV program on cooking, I got interested in this food. Apart from that, I heard that Salmon fish is a very tasty food. The way the TV program presented it was very impressive and extraordinary. This program and their way of cooking grabbed my interest and attention. I would like to taste it mostly because I watched it in a TV program and heard that this is a menu worth trying.



Apart from that

got interested in

高分句型:I would like to try the Salmon fish with onion and olive oil which is a foreign menu for the people of our country.

The cook described in details how to prepare this food item, what ingredients would be required, how to make it tastier and I watched it all with utmost interest and attention.






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