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雅思口语reading话题方便考生在备考中梳理好答题思路,帮助我们在实战中遇到该类话题能应对自如,且高质量的完成。Do you often read newsp...

导读:雅思口语reading话题方便考生在备考中梳理好答题思路,帮助我们在实战中遇到该类话题能应对自如,且高质量的完成。Do you often read newsp...





Do you often read newspapers? What’s is your reading everyday?【 how frequent do you read? what do you like to read the best?

I read newspapers everyday, such as Workers Daily, Henan Daily. I enjoy reading.

It is so interesting to see how other people live and it is really an amazing way to learn about different cultures. In addition, reading can do good to us very much. It can elicit the imagination of us . I also like to read the China Today and China Daily. Both of these magazines are in English , and it is a good way for me to improve my English.

1】 Do you like to discuss with others when you read books?

Yes, I do . Because it is easy to understand the difficulty of books.

2】 How long do you read?

Usually, I read books or newspapers for 1 hour before I go to bed.

3】 where do you like to read?

In the library, because there are all kinds of books which I can read.


Describe an important river/ area of water in your country

You should say:

How long the river is

Where it is

What it looks like

Why it is important


在祖国的大地上流淌着的两条最大的river,想必各位烤鸭都不会陌生,长江和黄河,这两条河都可以拿来说一说。这题今天正好有学生问到。说长江是不是Long River?

【我想说这个直译真的挺好的,但是先辈们已经把长江的英文名取好了,不叫long river,我们得叫它the Yangtse River】。不过,黄河我们可以放心得叫它the Yellow River. 除此之外,对于想说河流的同学们,如果长江黄河离家不是那么近,没去过,没话说的话,可以说一说家附近的河流。若实在还是没有思路的话,可以说说一片水域。什么叫水域呢?英文已经解释很直白了,就是area of water,有水的那一片地方都能说。


Speaking of an important river, I would like to talk about the Yangtse river, which is the biggest and longest river in China. It’s about 6,300 kilometers long.


The Yangtse River lies in the south of China. It stretches to 11 provinces in China and drains nearly one-fifth of the land areas of China.


If you see it on the map, you will find it looks not that special, maybe just like any other rivers, for example, the Nile or something. However, when you take a closer look at it, you won’t feel like it’s something that other rivers can copy.


I remember when I was in the grade 9, I took a boat trip with my parents to Sanxia, where we saw the most stunning view of the Yangtse River along with the tall green mountains like Shennv Feng.


It is indeed very important, not only for the local residents who need the water for life, but it is also crucial for the entire nation, because there’s the Three Gorges Dam lies on it, and it ha’s been generating a lot of electrical power, which is used for all the families and industries in China.


1. Have you got a hobby? If so, what is it?

Yes, I am a big fan of photograph for a couple of years. Although it would definitely cost me so much because the camera and lens are both quite expensive, I am the kind of person who wants the best or nothing and I believe they are totally worth it.

2. Is it an expensive hobby in your country?

It depends. If people want to take photos which are a bit different and professional than the ordinary ones, they should probably invest a great amount of money in the gears; on the other hand, if people just have fun with the pictures, they could buy the cheap devices, too. They are affordable and won’t cost much.

3. What do teenagers like doing in your country?

It's kind of hard to say but the young people that I know around me tend to play football so much in the football pitch, but maybe for others, they just want to play computer games at home all day long.

4. What hobbies are usually expensive in your country?

Well, in my country, apart from my hobby, there are also several hobbies that need you spend a great amount of money. For example, the musical instruments, such as piano and violin, will bankrupt you. As well as that, if people decide to embrace high end audio equipments, that would appear to be a bottomless money sink.

5. What do you like about your hobby?

I have been in the habit of it for almost 8 years. The main factor is that I can capture the precious moment in my life, such as the graduation ceremony, or the sweet moment with my girlfriend, and also I believe the photography will cultivate my mental development.


Describe an interesting place in public

You should say:

what it is

how you can go there

what people do there

and explain why you think it is an interesting place.


For my job I currently live in the capital city of our country which is ... 【say the name of the capital city in your country...】. It has been more than 5 years since I left my hometown and yet this is the town where my heart belongs to. I will always remember the days and places where I spent my childhood and teenage, the golden years of my life. The name of my hometown is 【...say the name of your hometown...】 and it is located in the northern part of the 【... say the city/ district name where this town belongs to...】. This town will always be special to me, no matter where I go, how far I go. There are many interesting places if I consider from different perspectives in my hometown that I can recall now. Out of these places, the rail station, which is located at the southern corner of our city is the one I would like to talk about.

In my childhood, the rail station in my hometown was the most mysterious and interesting place for us. We, as children, were not allowed to enter the main premises where the train stopped and this prohibition made us more curious about this place. This is still a place which is quite interesting for me. This is possibly because this rail station is the entry and exit point for me- to and from my hometown. When the train drops me in this station, I feel a sensation of being home. On the contrary, during the time of my departure, I feel an acute melancholy that I won't be able to express in words. This place has always been a mystery to me and it is still a place full of happiness, sadness and enigma.

From two other perspectives, this place is quite interesting to me. One- the surrounding view of this station is quite spectacular and would give someone an impression that he is standing on a tall mountain and can see the green fields below all around him. The view gives the first impression of the natural beauty this area has. In fact, I have never seen any other train station which is located in such a higher place and gives such a beautiful view. Second- the different types of people who come here each day is an interesting thing to observe. Some people come here to sell numerous products, some wait for their relatives or family members to arrive, some to see off their relatives or friends, and finally, some are part of the administrative office of the rail authority. In my opinion, this is an interesting hub for people of different ages, places and purposes.

If I am to suggest a foreign tourist about the interesting places of my hometown, I would suggest him to start with this rail station. This rail station will give a very good idea of our town, people and places to be there. To me, this is the gateway to a beautiful town where my heart belongs to.






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